Thursday, 26 July 2012

Awkward teamings...

Greetings Terrans,
Anyone remember The Champions?
No loss of kudos if you dont. They were a rather short lived Marvel team from the70s.
I mean The Defenders roster at any given time was usually a strange collection of loners and outcasts...

But The Champions? Who on Earth put these mixture of motely knobbers together?

Two X-Men rejects, a Russian defector, a stunt rider turned Spirit of Vengeance and a Greek Demi-god.
Aaah, I dont mean to be too harsh. Reality is, I own every Champions comic as I adore anything with my main man Herc in. They are fun, but lack of interest due to a run of B-list villains and awkward scripting led to its early demise. It may be worth noting that no member of the Champions (except Ghost Rider) had ever had his or her own, solo comic up to this point. In 1973 Ghost Rider got his own title,

but Black Widow hadn't been seen since Daredevil 124 and neither Iceman or Angel had been seen since X-Men 94. It wouldnt be a mega 33 years later that Hercules got his own regular title with the Incredible Hercules in 2008. Although he had, had one or two 4 issue limited series, and countless appearances in Thor and Avengers comics.
Their foes included:
Swarm - A Nazi bee-keeper whose creations had turned on him.
Pluto (that Herc's uncle, God of the Underworld, not the Disney dog)
The Porn Quartet consisting of STD Man, The Cock Ring, Herpes Simplex and Fanny Crab.
Ok... I made that last one up.
But here's a special treat.... talking of cock rings...

Just less than one half of The Champions: Me as Hercules and the lovely Kate as Black Widow. Excelsior!

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