Sunday, 26 December 2010


Sexy enough to arouse a Dalek’s plunger, in at No.7 is Katy Manning.

She didn’t have the brains of Zoe or Liz, the olde worlde charm of Victoria or even the kilt wearing penchant of Jamie. She was a simple, clumsy girl next door sorta companion… who wore leather knee length boots. Grrrr…
(Thinking about it now, maybe I should make a top 10 list of the Doctors Companions)
Unfortunately the naked Dalek posing she did for soft porn Girl Illustrated Magazine is reputed to have spelled disaster for her career.

Whether that’s true or not, Katy, I will always fondly remember you as the lovely Jo Jo Grant (in-joke for other Whovians).
Here is a convicts great-grand-daughter, trying to be as sexy as Katy. Nah love! Id rather see a naked Cyberman accost Toyah Wilcox.

Unfortunately Katy now greets fat, sweaty Dr. Who fans at sci-fi conventions.
After escaping Ice Warriors, Autons, Ogrons, Drashigs, Draconians, Axons and Daemons, who’d have thought she would have fallen foul of Botox!
Please tune in to my next blog... OR I WILL EX-FOLIATE YOU!
Big D out.

Friday, 10 December 2010

Wham-Bam! Thank you Suzanne!

Suzanne Danielle I consider the English Raquel Welch, errrr… of the 80s.

No Hollywood glam, BBC make up would do just fine, and she could still sparkle as brightly as any star in Hollywood. Carry on Emmanuelle cast this long legged, athletic beauty, amongst Carry On stalwarts and although not the best Carry On by a long shot, Suzanne still leaves me breathless.

She appeared again and again in my young life. The Professionals, Morcambe and Wise, Arabian Adventure with Christopher Lee as the villainous Caliph, a regular on Give Us a Clue and the Mike Yarwood show, Tales of the Unexpected, she played a Movellan in Destiny of the Daleks,

a slave girl in the Flash Gordon film,

aaaaand... she was the killer in the Hammer House of Horror TV show episode The Carpathian Eagle.
Now this was a really weird one for me. I remember feeling that strange, infant feeling of guilty arousal emanating from somewhere in the vicinity of my pyjama bottoms while watching her in this episode, but also being terrified of her because after each seduction scene she would cut out her victims heart. No matter how I tried, I just couldn’t reconcile myself with being afraid that she might kill me, to her causing my baby-making-stick to go all hard. God knows how that formative experience has marred me for the rest of my life. Even so she makes a very respectable No.8 in my Nerd Babe countdown.
Watch the trailer of Carry On Emmanuelle for a dollop of nostalgia and a whole heap of double entendres!

Tune in to my next blog for No.7 in my Hot, Retro, Nerd Babe Countdown.
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Saturday, 4 December 2010


Here we are at No.9 in the Top 10 Retro Nerd Babes.
Erin Grey was of course the wholesome piece of loveliness that was Wilma Deering… Pardon me, Colonel Wilma Deering, in the 80s Buck Rogers TV show.
A vision of immaculate hair and dentistry, she was enough to lighten up any young boys Saturday evening.

Perfectly American, I would have loved to have tried a warm piece of her apple pie… Hmmm cinnamon!
Buck Rogers was of course played by Gil Gerard…. Gil Gerard… Hmmm… Rolls off the tongue rather well that. Gil Gerard… You try it… Gil Gerard… Fucking magic!
Other regulars included Twiki the robot, Flava Flav accessory Dr. Theopolis and the wizened, raisin skinned Dr. Elias Huer.
Those of you looking for a good Wilma Deering episode check out the Space Vampire one, where she gets all sexy.

The most terrifying thing about the Space Vampire is the budget for his costume. Incidentally, his name is Vorvon. Hmm. Sounds like a cross between a Swedish make of car and a French dynasty.

So GIL GERARD! is No.9 in my Hot, Retro, Nerd Babe Countdown...errr... I mean Erin Grey.... (Damn what have I said)
Please check out how cool Erin still is in this interview at ComicCon:

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Sex sells and excels

Oookay, the graph on the statistics panel of my blog is starting to look like the ECG of an Emergency Room patient whose fading fast.
What better way to administer cardio-pulmonary ressusitation than to simply show you pictures of Sexy Women.
10ccs of HOT TOTTY stat!
So in order to revitalise the blog, here starts my Top 10 Hot, Retro, Nerd Babes countdown.
Yes! Tune in this week and next as we countdown to who was our first, four-tissue fantasy, which beautiful woman was the first to accompany us into a locked toilet (albeit in the form of a two dimensional image) and which nerdy babe-licious icon could stir us into hermetic bouts of self-abuse.
So prepare yourself for some cracking in-jokes and a delicious serving of sumptuous woman-flesh as we begin: Big D's Top 10 Hot, Retro, Nerd Babes.
The original, pre-historic, pin-up girl is of course none other than Raquel Welch and she is a well, worthy bit of fluff to start our cavalcade.
Running, hiding and panting heavily as huge lizards thrashed about, she is Loana ‘The fair one’ in the film 1 million years BC. (1966)
The film is largely ahistorical, but who cares when it has a young Raquel Welch doing athletic things in a skimpy animal skin bikini. There is no other way to describe her, than as being utterly breath-taking.
She is a member of the ‘shell’ tribe, a slightly more civilised tribe than their neighbours, the 'rock' tribe. If you haven’t seen it, watch it. She’s not the only bird running around showing how fun it was to titillate cave men.
She shows the outcast Tumak the joys of painting, music, rudimentary language and the missionary position, as his backwards tribe have never evolved past doggy style.

She is also Cora, in a delightful, white cat-suit, in nerd classic The Fantastic Voyage. (1966)
A team of scientists and square jawed closet homos are miniaturised and injected into a human, in order to cure his… gall stones? Or something…
Although enjoying her immensely as a child, Ill tell you the trouble I have with Raquel now. She is almost like a divine icon. An untouchable being who has transcended the sexual to become a numinous entity of lust and ladyshaved smoothness.
As a result, I fear I would be struck down if I ever had rude thoughts about her.
So she effortlessly slides in at No.10 in my countdown.
Please watch the clip... but try not to have naughty thoughts...

Tune in to my next blog for No.9 in the Hot, Retro, Nerd, Babes Countdown.
Big D out.