Saturday, 4 December 2010


Here we are at No.9 in the Top 10 Retro Nerd Babes.
Erin Grey was of course the wholesome piece of loveliness that was Wilma Deering… Pardon me, Colonel Wilma Deering, in the 80s Buck Rogers TV show.
A vision of immaculate hair and dentistry, she was enough to lighten up any young boys Saturday evening.

Perfectly American, I would have loved to have tried a warm piece of her apple pie… Hmmm cinnamon!
Buck Rogers was of course played by Gil Gerard…. Gil Gerard… Hmmm… Rolls off the tongue rather well that. Gil Gerard… You try it… Gil Gerard… Fucking magic!
Other regulars included Twiki the robot, Flava Flav accessory Dr. Theopolis and the wizened, raisin skinned Dr. Elias Huer.
Those of you looking for a good Wilma Deering episode check out the Space Vampire one, where she gets all sexy.

The most terrifying thing about the Space Vampire is the budget for his costume. Incidentally, his name is Vorvon. Hmm. Sounds like a cross between a Swedish make of car and a French dynasty.

So GIL GERARD! is No.9 in my Hot, Retro, Nerd Babe Countdown...errr... I mean Erin Grey.... (Damn what have I said)
Please check out how cool Erin still is in this interview at ComicCon:

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