Tuesday, 8 February 2011


Cleo Rocos (Rocco) is a joyful, vision of bountiful, bouncing, playful, delight. Kenny Everett’s faithful sidekick to the end; they say there’s nothing sexier than a woman with a sense of fun and a sinful sense of humour, and Cleo had that… and much more.
Early, saucy memories/mammarys of Cleo and the Hot Gossip girls on The Kenny Everett Show gave me the archetype of what I thought a woman should be like. Curvey, bouncy and fun. Rather like those inflatable castles.

Her antics on TV and the much forgotten film: Bloodbath at the House of Death, have ensured her a place in my heart, and in the top 10 Retro Nerd Babes. This half Greek, Brazilian born, boob laden, beauty, bounces in at a very respectable No.2
I once met her, and she was as divine in person as I could ever have imagined her. She called me ‘A big, noodley thing…’ and I loved her more for it. Aaaah to be Cleo’s Big Noodley thing.
She even let me phone my brother so he could talk to her as well (or rather pant heavily down the phone). She was just pure and genuine class, accompanied by two of the most familiar and well loved bosoms from my childhood.

Please tune in to my next blog for my final installment of the Hot Retro Nerd Babes Countdown!
Big D out.


  1. You're so right with this one (and the last!) Cleo was/is definately the first and best from my childhood memories.
    Who could be no.1 after this??

  2. Thanks Hurk. Sorry to have missed you at the comic do. :(

  3. Yeah it would have been nice to meet up, hopefully next time. ...May as well watch that last clip again while i'm here!

  4. I saw this happen, once. A nearby TV cable access featured a program showcasing local artists. A lady very much in Cleos'mold showed up to demonstrate tole painting. The dude running the camera, a local high school football jock, stared through the viewfinder at her glorious mammarage through the whole segment. Hilarious!

  5. Snoop Doggy Dogshit3 October 2012 at 23:53

    I'd love to ejaculate between those mighty boobs! Heaven.