Friday, 10 December 2010

Wham-Bam! Thank you Suzanne!

Suzanne Danielle I consider the English Raquel Welch, errrr… of the 80s.

No Hollywood glam, BBC make up would do just fine, and she could still sparkle as brightly as any star in Hollywood. Carry on Emmanuelle cast this long legged, athletic beauty, amongst Carry On stalwarts and although not the best Carry On by a long shot, Suzanne still leaves me breathless.

She appeared again and again in my young life. The Professionals, Morcambe and Wise, Arabian Adventure with Christopher Lee as the villainous Caliph, a regular on Give Us a Clue and the Mike Yarwood show, Tales of the Unexpected, she played a Movellan in Destiny of the Daleks,

a slave girl in the Flash Gordon film,

aaaaand... she was the killer in the Hammer House of Horror TV show episode The Carpathian Eagle.
Now this was a really weird one for me. I remember feeling that strange, infant feeling of guilty arousal emanating from somewhere in the vicinity of my pyjama bottoms while watching her in this episode, but also being terrified of her because after each seduction scene she would cut out her victims heart. No matter how I tried, I just couldn’t reconcile myself with being afraid that she might kill me, to her causing my baby-making-stick to go all hard. God knows how that formative experience has marred me for the rest of my life. Even so she makes a very respectable No.8 in my Nerd Babe countdown.
Watch the trailer of Carry On Emmanuelle for a dollop of nostalgia and a whole heap of double entendres!

Tune in to my next blog for No.7 in my Hot, Retro, Nerd Babe Countdown.
Big D out!

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