Sunday, 26 December 2010


Sexy enough to arouse a Dalek’s plunger, in at No.7 is Katy Manning.

She didn’t have the brains of Zoe or Liz, the olde worlde charm of Victoria or even the kilt wearing penchant of Jamie. She was a simple, clumsy girl next door sorta companion… who wore leather knee length boots. Grrrr…
(Thinking about it now, maybe I should make a top 10 list of the Doctors Companions)
Unfortunately the naked Dalek posing she did for soft porn Girl Illustrated Magazine is reputed to have spelled disaster for her career.

Whether that’s true or not, Katy, I will always fondly remember you as the lovely Jo Jo Grant (in-joke for other Whovians).
Here is a convicts great-grand-daughter, trying to be as sexy as Katy. Nah love! Id rather see a naked Cyberman accost Toyah Wilcox.

Unfortunately Katy now greets fat, sweaty Dr. Who fans at sci-fi conventions.
After escaping Ice Warriors, Autons, Ogrons, Drashigs, Draconians, Axons and Daemons, who’d have thought she would have fallen foul of Botox!
Please tune in to my next blog... OR I WILL EX-FOLIATE YOU!
Big D out.

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